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Ved Prakash Sharma is the most prolific author of Hindi crime fiction since the last four decades. He has a natural flair for writing and has penned his first short story, “Peno ki Jail”, at an early age of 14 years, while still in high school. During the long span of his writing career, he has set up a number of milestones and achieved numerous awards and distinctions. With his passion and determination for writing, he became an undisputed king of Hindi Pulp Fiction. During initial days of struggle he wrote 24 novels as a Ghost writer before his novel, “Dahekte shaher”, bore his name in 1973.

With more than 170 novels under his belt, Ved, is still as active in the field of creativity and still enjoys fan following of a large chunk of avid readers. His best seller “Wardi Wala Gunda” was published in 1991, scaling his career and the industry of Hindi fiction novels to newer heights. A total approximately 8 crore copies of the book were sold, out of which 15 lakh copies were sold on the day of its release.

The thrill, suspense and drama that he creates with magic wand (read Pen), casts a spell on his readers who are compelled to finish the entire novel in one read, this is the reason that even today, in the days of television and numerous sources of entertainment, he is still holding the reins of the reader’s interest and has attained unparallel popularity.

His work can broadly be categorized in 4 series:

Character based series (Vijay Vikas, Keshav Pandit, Vibha Jindal): The story is weaved around the central character, where an unsolved criminal case is unknotted by his characters like Vijay and Vikas, who are spy agents of Indian secret service, Keshav pandit, who brilliantly knows how to mould Indian law system and Vibha jindal, friend of Ved, who come to rescue when some unsolved case interests her.

Thriller series: you can feel the thrill in your nerves the moment you read Ved prakash sharma’s Thriller novels, stories take such twists and turn that he was named “Jhatka specialist” by one of the well known English magazine.

Parivarik Series: This series deals with the social issues like, Dowry, political issues and other issues every common man deals with.

Patriotic series: His books displayed his love for his mother land. You will take a bath in the feeling of patriotism, the difficult life of our soldiers and the zest of killing or getting hold of our enemy cannot leave your heart untouched.

It will not be out of way to mention a few comments of media in respect of his popularity among his readers which are self explanatory:

  1. Mr Ved Prakash Sharma is the best seller in the field of Hindi fiction with a sale of over 50,00,00 copies per novel ~ The Trade Guide
  2. Mr Sharma is the ‘Jhatka’ specialist ~ The Business Standard
  3. The Best sellable writer ~ The Screen
  4. Sharma is an expert in reading the pulse of the readers ~ India Today
  5. Mr Sharma is at top of Hindi thriller novels ~ Hindustan Times
  6. J.K. rowling of India ~ NDTV

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